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SKU: 097328325360
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Ecological wood wool suitable for all fireplaces and barbecues. The shavings are odorless, easy to light and burn for at least 5 minutes. Sufficient flames to light each log/charcoal.



Place 2 or 3 firelighters on the charcoal or under the wood. Light the firelighters.
Let them burn for several minutes, gradually adding new charcoal or firewood without smothering the flames.

For a barbecue, the firelighters must be completely burned and the charcoal must be
be completely white before grilling can begin.



Keep out of reach of children; Store in a dry place, it fears moisture

FSC® wood wool impregnated in high-quality paraffin.


Product information

  • Weight: 2kg
  • Package contents: 1 box of 2KG (approximately 150 wood wool)

Other characteristics

  • Percent Hexamine (C6H12N4): 0%
  • Product weight: 2kg
  • Packaging width: 20 cm
  • Packaging height: 24 cm
  • Packaging length: 20 cm
  • EAN: 097328325360
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