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H.I.J-Belgium is specialized in three areas: customized wooden packaging, pallets, wood pellets, glass racks



We will be happy to collect excess pallets from you. This way, after sorting and any repairs, they can be reused and we minimize waste together.

How do we work?

First of all, we come to collect your surplus pallets from your company site, so that you can use this space usefully. We then sort the pallets according to size in our depots and separate good, reusable pallets from pallets that still need to be repaired. When everything is sorted, we make a clear overview. In this overview you will find the following items:

1. total number of pallets
2. different pallet types
3. number of reusable pallets
4. number of pallets to be repaired

What do I get in exchange for my pallets?

The sum that H.I.J pays you depends on the condition of the pallets. We will of course pay you a fee for the reusable pallets. These will be settled in the invoice or we will send you a billing request for this.

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